Antti Lahti


Antti Lahti, kuntayhtymäjohtaja, SASKY

Antti Lahti, M.A, has worked as the Director of SASKY Municipal Education and Training Consortium (earlier Sastamala Municipal Education and Training Consortium) since 2009.  Lahti came to Sastamala in 2003 to work as a pricipal, having worked as a teacher in the Tampere region before that.  In 2003-2006 he worked as a principal for several schools simultaneously, and as a managing principal in 2007-2008.  Lahti has been a member of several national development teams; for instance, he has been in the steering group of a staff supervision training experimentation and involved in developing the Vocational Student’s Work Capacity Passport.  Sports in its various forms is one of Antti Lahti’s favourite hobbies.  Since 2006, Lahti has been chairing the board of Cultural and Sports Association of Finnish Vocational Education and Training, SAKU. His ethos is to motivate students and staff to do sports regularly for the sake of their own health and well-being, and to encourage them to maintain their health and work capacity on their own initiative.  In addition, Antti Lahti is a member of the Education Committee of Tampere Chamber of Commerce, an expert member of the Education Committee of the Federation of Finnish Enterprises and a member of the Students’ Judicial Protection Board.